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Safe as Houses?

According to a recent survey the value of some jewellery by leading 20th century craftsmen jewellers has outperformed the housing market in England over the past decade.
According to international auction house, Bonham’s, rare and sought-after pieces have soared in value by as much as 80%, whilst the property increased by 47% since 2006. Belle Epoque (1890-1915) pieces head the list showing an 88% rise with later 20th century pieces following.
“Many people fail to realise the value of the contents of their jewellery boxes handed down in a family due to failure to recognise the hallmarks, signatures and initials of master craftsmen from the past. This emphasises the importance of consulting a specialist dealer, “says Chelsea jewellery expert, Ian Towning, who offers valuations at Bourbon Hanby Arcade.” I am always pleased to see the smile on the face of a client, who whilst appreciating the beauty of a piece, had not realised it had appreciated in value.

Posh Pawn Party

After Chelsea jewellery specialist Ian Towning’s regular spot examining a very interesting piece  during the exciting Christmas special edition  of Posh Pawn on Channel 4,  he popped up again at the end of the show to judge an ice sculpture competition at the staff party. Much fun was had as the teams  from all branches of Prestige Pawnbrokers broke the ice. To cap the proceedings Ian and proprietor James Constantinou selected the worthy winners from Weybridge.

Festive Greetings

Happy Christmas and New Year to all readers of our Blog.

Make a New Year Resolution to call in and say “hello” in 2017 if you are near us at Bourbon Hanby Arcade, opposite Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, Chelsea, west London..

You can be sure of a warm welcome as always.

Posh Party

Make a special note in your festive season calendar on Wednesday 27 December 2016 to enjoy the party spirit at Posh Pawn on Channel Four television. Kings Road, Chelsea specialist jeweller and television personality, Ian Towning who regularly appears on the show when a very special piece of jewellery comes through the doors of Prestige Pawnbrokers’ proprietor, James Constantinou.

This Channel 4 television show is irresistible, not least because this is not fiction – it’s all part of the exciting day to day activity of  a real pawnbroker with a walk-in to the world-famous London jewellery quarter in Hatton Garden, London, Deansgate, Manchester, Richmond, Surrey and Weybridge, Surrey. And this party is the real thing!


Festive Season Opening at Bourbon Hanby Arcade

A warm welcome awaits everyone coming through the doors of Bourbon Hanby Arcade, especially during the coming run up to the festive season. Well situated just off the famous  West London fashionable shopping street, King’s Road, Chelsea, opposite Chelsea Old Town Hall at 151 Sydney Street, you will be in good company. New stock arriving daily right up to till 4pm on Saturday 24th December, reopening on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.  Telephone 0207 352 2106.



Party Time

Autumn is over. Winter is on the way. Now is the time for candles in pumpkins at Halloween and bonfires and fireworks on Guy Fawkes night. Well known specialist jeweller Ian Towning has exciting new stock  at prices to suit all pockets in his showroom at Bourbon Hanby Arcade opposite Chelsea Old Town Hall, London. This is party time. Treat yourself – or someone else! – and add sparkle to each occasion.

Buyer Beware

When reading saleroom catalogues it is important to remember that the estimated price shown against each item does not include the buyers’ premium, usually around 20 per cent of the hammer price. The Sunday Telegraph recently reported that the Advertising Standards Authority watchdog warned that the public is at risk of hidden charges when buying antiques and works of art which includes jewellery at auction. The newspaper understands the ASA will examine whether the system meets the requirements of the code for advertising that states any quoted prices “must include non-optional taxes, duties, fees and charges”. 
Retail antiques and jewellery dealers have to sell at a shown total price which can be negotiable. Buyers beware when buying at auction where the price can only go one way – up!

Autumn Opportunity

With a successful summer season of antiques and fine art fairs behind us, an another opportunity arises. Dealers have been restocking. In particular Ian Towning at Bourbon Handby Arcade opposite Chelsea Old Town Hall in King’Road  west London. Here he always maintains a large stock of jewellery on offer at prices to suit all pockets. Recently there has been increased enthusiasm for jewellery that can both increase in value as it is appreciated whilst being worn. Here is the place to find such examples with expert opinion on hand to advise you on a purhase. As ever, a warm welcome awaits buyers at Ian’s showrooms.                                                                                                                                            


Hot News

The long hot summer continues. Following the London summer fairs antiques are back in the news. Nowhere more so than at  Chelsea jewellery expert, the television personality, Ian Towning’s  showrooms in London. When it comes style and the latest trends, Ian has a selection of pieces to suit all pockets and seasons,  not least the latest one with some really hot items, for special occasions.

Ian has welcomed numerous couples who spend time  with him choosing  a ring over a glass of champagne at his showrooms opposite Chelsea Town Hall. These include couples from Brentwood a in Essex to New Zealand!   Both had chosen to visit him after seeing his appearances on the Channel 4  television channel “Posh Pawn” programme that is now screened  around the world.


Filming Posh Pawn

Chelsea fine jewellery expert Ian Towning is filming another contribution to Channel 4’s popular Posh Pawn. This popular television programme is now being filmed for the next series to be seen later in the year. As before when a really special high-end piece of jewellery is brought into one of Prestige Pawnbrokers shops in Hatton Garden in the centre of London’s jewellery district or the original premises at Weybridge  Surrey, Ian is consulted. It is taken to his showrooms in Bourbon Hanby Arcade, opposite Chelsea Old Town for appraisal.

If you missed any of the previous series, all 28 programmes can be viewed on the internet and Channel 4’s  More 4 channel.