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We repair and remake your Jewellery.

Jewellery that is worn daily can suffer damage and wear. We can take the stones from a piece and use the original precious metal base to take a wax impression from which the new precious metal base is cast. Occasionally we will use photographs of the original item to help in the recreation process.

Like almost everything that is worn, jewellery can go out of fashion. The piece that looked stunning in the 1970s can look hideous 30 years later. If the piece is set with quality stones, we can remove the stones and create a new setting for them.


What we do.


We invest, sell and source for you.

If you are looking for something special we can actively go out and find it for you – and we will make sure that you don’t overpay for the piece.

We also sell certificated diamonds and gems. We have extensive contacts in the jewellery trade and can almost always source a particular variety of gemstone.


We create.

Bourbon-Hanby have been making beautiful jewels for clients for 30 years. Each piece is carefully made by skilled craftsmen using precious metals and fine stones.

The most common request from clients is for a ring to celebrate a special occasion or anniversary but Bourbon-Hanby has made brooches, pendants, necklaces, tiaras and bracelets.

The process of creating a unique piece begins with your initial brief. A guide price is the first aspect to be agreed then styles will be discussed, materials chosen and stones selected. The size of the finished article is decided after any necessary measurements have been taken.

The next stage is the crafting of the precious metal base. Once complete, the client is asked to inspect the work, check fitting and agree any alterations. The piece is then sent to the assay office for Hallmarking. Hallmarks can be made using a stamp in the traditional way, or for suitable items, laser marking can be used. Laser marking is particularly useful for marking thin metal and causes no distortion.

The next stage is for the piece to be pre-polished followed by the setting of the stones. After a final polish the piece is ready to be worn. The whole process takes around three weeks – complex pieces may take longer.



From time to time you may need to obtain a valuation of your jewellery or antiques.

This could be for insurance purposes, probate or you may want to sell some pieces.

Antique jewellery is valued by determining the condition of the precious metal and stones, whether there have been repairs (including the quality of the repair – see above) or replacement of stones. The value of the piece in terms of its weight and the quality of the stones is relatively straight forward. But determining the value of a piece in terms of its aesthetics, current popularity, rarity and manufacturing provenance is more challenging and will vary.


Confidentiality and security.

We do not keep any copies of valuation certificates and all of our clients’ details are rigorously safeguarded.

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